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What do we stand for?

Harmonizing digital and physical healthcare

We work directly with citizens and healthcare professionals to create solutions that account for both digital and physical touchpoints.
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An open and decentralized healthcare landscape

Healthcare infrastructure is a fundamental human need and should be accessible to all contributors, not a walled garden governed by a gatekeeper.
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Enabling multi-disciplinary collaboration

It is most effective to involve the right people at the right time as opposed to pushing the patient through a chain of referrals.
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A Transition from Cure to Care

The healthcare system should be about being and staying healthy, not merely about treating diseases. Prevention is more effective and efficient than treatment.
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What we do?

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Formelio is a software agency that designs and builds innovative digital healthcare products. We know that healthcare should be effective, efficient, and accessible for all. That's why we're committed to designing and building innovative digital products that are decentralized, standardized, and reusable.

We take a holistic approach to healthcare by collaborating with stakeholders across all domains to ensure that our solutions meet the needs of practitioners and citizens alike. Whether you're a healthcare professional or a patient, our products are designed to make your life easier.