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We value the needs of all actors in the healthcare industry, and our solution portfolio exemplifies that. This is what we've created.
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PGO Ivido: A Personal Healthcare Environment

Ivido is an app where Dutch citizens securely manage their health journeys and data. They can directly retrieve their data from their care providers using the national MedMij standards.
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The HINQ ZNO: A Practitioner Collaboration Environment

The HINQ ZNO is a product where practitioners across healthcare domains can collaborate regarding a patient's treatment. We design and build dashboards for these contexts, including Medication, Birthcare, Advance Care Planning, and Hospital at Home.

The HINQ Data-exchange Infrastructure

We architect and develop the underlying data-exchange infrastructure to enable citizen and practitioner environments to access the data they need.

We align with the most current (legal) standards and often pioneer new technologies. We build DVAs for practitioner-to-citizen traffic, and create Interoperability platforms for practitioner-to-practitioner traffic, we created the HINQ Interoperability platform.
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